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StandUp Software provides custom web and mobile application development solutions.

Custom solutions

Build customer confidence by allowing customers to use your services from anywhere! From Fortune 500 to start-ups, your app enthusiasts will be more inclinded to recommend you to their social/professional contacts! This, in turn, allows users to feel confident seeing someone vouching for your product!

Make it beautiful

Your website and apps are reflections of your company. Make it a beautiful experience for your customers to use.

Your app should be social, awesome, easy-to-use and vital to your customers. This is the place to enlist all the good things that your app has to share. Let us help you focus on the benefits that the uers will receive. Combine imaginery with text to show meaningful information from your app. Your customers will thank you.

Easy to integrate

With all the apps that users love! Make it easy for users to share, like, post and tweet their favourite things from your app. Be sure to let users know they continue to remain connected while using your app!

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Online Customers Management

Automatic text and email reminders make sure customers always remember their upcoming appointments.

Smart Notifications on hands

All appointments sync with your Google calendar so your availability is always up to date. See your schedule at a glance from any device.

Know your business better now

Take payments and run your business on the go, in your store and then see how it all adds up with analytics.

Deliver Quality Experiences

Whether your customers are local, or located around the world, provide a professional and modern experience to them. Allowing your customers to stay connected to your services thru desktop and mobile clients provides greater convience to them, and more buisness opportunites for you.

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